Following is the Seventh Cycle of Psatcwot :
The tragedy of the White Lands, or The Revolution of Beasts

a NARRATOR, cloaked figure
the LYON KING, a proud king in purple
the LYON QUEEN, a prideful empress in purple
the LYON PRINCE, a silent prince in purple
the ROYAL ADVISOR, a kind soul, unheard
the OTTER KING, a lustful ruler in azure
the BEAR CZAR, a wrathful czar in crimson
the CAT QUEEN, a lazy queen in ultramarine
the HOG EMPEROR, a gluttonous emperor in copper
the WOLF PRESIDENT, a greedy president in golden
the PLATYPUS COUNT, a jealous prince in sap green
an ATTENDANT, overseer of the Congress
peasants, sailors

Notes for those who wish to play this piece :
-The LYON PRINCE should be as taciturn as possible.
-The NARRATOR is cloaked at all times and is like a ghost. No character sees him, reacts to him, or speaks to him.
-Only 8 actors are necessary.
-Every character is a Beast, which can be reflected in their costume, but can also be mentionned only.
-Each of the RULERS is associated with a color, which is reflected in their costume.

And with that... bambambambambambam. BAM. BAM. BAM.