kulupu wi wawa unu

They exited the station. They were on a small terrace, on the top of a hill. Beneath them, an assemblage of dark pipes and black frames, in stark contrast with the sky. This was the industrial area of town. Immediately, without doing any searching, Thyme picked up on some clues. Clues about the cat, and no other.

"So she's around here ?
-What is she doing here ? There's nothing here. Nothing of interest for a cat.

They went down the slope, careful not to slip. Rosemary was going on ahead, with Thyme trailing behind a few steps. Though the rest of town had been very silent, here some industrial sounds rang out and filled the air with a rhythmic clang. They entered the forest of metal and started searching.

The frames stretched hight above, cutting a white shape with their black fangs. Smoke would come out from some pipes, a formless shadow in the sky. There was nobody around.

"I've never been around here
-This is a... a special area.
-How come ?
-I come here often. Somehow.
-This place is...
-This place is !"

Thyme ran away, back toward the subway station. "Wait ! Thyme !" Rosemary followed, her steps clanging on the metallic floor. She was chasing the blue spot of Thyme's coat, surrounded by the vertical, tall, black trees of this industrial forest.

Thyme was running, ahead of her the white stain of Rosemary's coat, a sweet and tender blessing amidst this dark and cruel world, rushing past streaks of black. A soft stain that was fleeting away.

Loud, ominous clangs rang out from the back of the forest, getting louder. Thyme and Rosemary were running neck to neck. "It's all collapshing." "I'm not ready for the end..." "No one is. But..." "Our tears will melt the snow." "Our bodies will freeze at their own touch."

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