kulupu wi wawa unu

The house stood in front of them, windows shattered, howling with a cold breath. Around was an empty lot. Most of the houses here hadn't yet been built, or most had already fallen to ruin. A white blanket covered the black ruins of previous houses. The snow did hold.

Thyme advanced to the house, the cover crackling under her steps. She touched the door, and it fell in. The muted screams of the weather echoed in the withered halls. "Is... is she really in here ?
-I believe so." A twinge of guilt.

The two entered the house. The ashen floorboards, all separated from each other, creaked and lamented under their steps. They began to search. Thyme did not spend much time in each room, simply entering them, looking for a clue, then immediately exiting. Rosemary, unaware of clues, would enter and look under every furniture, in every nook and cranny, in every single place a cat could be, which was many, all the while calling for Scarlatine.

"I should have brought some food for her. She's probably hurt somewhere and weakened," said Rosemary as they were searching the upper floor bedroom. "No. She's not here." Rosemary looked at her silently. "She's not in this area, at least. Not in this house."

A silence, as the wind cried out in a stretched vowel.

"My other lead is on the other side of town. I didn't want to go there.
-Distance isn't a problem."

Thyme looked at Rosemary with a pained expression.

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