kulupu wi wawa unu

Thyme hung the phone up. Well, now there's only one thing left to do. She put on her coat, blue with the color of the bureau, and exited.

The sky was clear, but a light fog enshrouded the sun in a veil of white light. It was also quite cold. A winter morning, like any other. She had been looking for this cat for only 3 days and already had a perimeter to search in. Two actually, but the other one was... She didn't want to think about the other one.

As she walked along the street, she picked up clues. Clues about various things. The moss on the sidewalk was a clue to the frequent humidity. The wrapping paper was a clue of someone littering. Her job at the bureau was full of clues. That was basically all it was : finding the right clues for the right things.

If you put the clues together in a network, you could get a good idea of common things that had happened. The wrapping paper was connected with the numerous bird shits because the birds would wait for crumbs and food to fall down. It was also connected with the nearby sewer mouth, because rats would come out and eat whatever junk they could find, which would make this place very cat friendly, though the smell of cat piss on some bins indicated it was already the territory of a cat. Maybe it was the one she was searching for. She doubted it, though. She was quite sure about her perimeter. Perimeters.

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