kulupu wi wawa unu

Rosemary stood in front of the door leading out, debating whether or not she wanted to go out and help with the search. Probably not. But... it also felt wrong to stay here. She stopped herself from walking in circles, and she sat down on the couch and grabbed a nearby book. She tried to read.

The book was about a princess who was in love with a man she couldn't love, and so resigned to go live in a covent and leave behind all earthy pleasures. It was a classical of XVIIth century literature, but it was also a dense and tough book to read. She barely read a page before putting it back down.

She stood up and... sat back down. She held her head in her hands, and, quietly, whispered. "Please, give me strength."

Finally, she grabbed her coat, and prepared to go outside.

There was one problem. She didn't know what her interlocuter looked like. Hell, she didn't even know her name ! And she didn't know when she would go and search, nor where. Fleetingly, the idea of calling again to learn all of that entered her head, but she shut it down. It had been... not even ten minutes since she last called. She didn't want to be seen as pushy.

The phone rang. With a trembling hand, she unhooked it, and with an even shakier voice she answered.

"H- Hello ?"
"Ms Rosemary ? This is the Bureau of Lost and Found."
"Ah, yes, uhm..."
"Yes, I was about to exit and was wondering if you wanted to join me on the search."
"Ms Rosemary ?"

Oh. Oh wow, uh...

"Yes, I think that would uhm, help our chances."
"Very well. My name is Thyme. I will be dressed in a blue coat. Let's meet in half an hour at ▓▓▓▓▓ plaza."
"Yes. yes, of course. I'll be in a uh, a white coat."
"I'm sure. See you soon."
"See you soon."

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