kulupu wi wawa unu
"Hello ?"
"Hello. This is Bureau of Lost and Found. How can we help you ?"
"Ah, uh, I called for my cat- Right yeah. Case 17-"
"-17-846; yes. Hello again, Rosemary."
"... Uhm, yes. I was calling to know if you advanced on the case."
"I have some leads. Could you tell me the name you gave her ? This would help a lot."
"Ah ! Right, I didn't think it would matter. I call her Scarlatine."
"Scarlatine... Like the disease ?"
"This does help tighten the scope. Hmm..."
"Yes ?"
"I think I've done all I could from the office. Next thing to do will be to search outside."
"Ah, uhm..."
"Yes ?"
"Nevermind. Good luck, and thank you for the report."
"Of course. Good day."

Rosemary hung up again. She sighed again. Making calls like that was easier when she knew the other person. At least somewhat. Thyme stood up, and put on her coat. She went to the door, and stepped out into the sunlight.

>outremer bureau : 9-4