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kulupu wi wawa unu

Rosemary let go of Thyme, and stood back up. She looked back at the sun, now nearly hidden by the shadow of the earth. "I... I know. I know about me." Thyme couldn't look at Rosemary. She couldn't turn her face towards hers, she could only stand and look at the ground, the melted snow giving way to hard ice.

"This is a place of death. You said so yourself.
-So it is.
-You don't have to pretend. Nor to look away.
-But I can't look at you either.
-Then close your eyes, and take my hands."

In the darkness, Rosemary's hands were cold. Yet, their warmth was enough to thaw Thyme's tears and make them flow.

"I... Listen. I'm glad I did this with you. Even if you knew, even if you tried to make this swift and painless... I'm glad it was you. Even after that, I will never forget you."

"But where you're going, you won't be able to remember anything !" Thyme cried out and suddenly opened her eyes. Her hands were empty. Some factory workers were going back home, up the snowy slope and into the station. Below, neatly organized factories were steaming white clouds.

Thyme grabbed the handrail and knelt down again, then she