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kulupu wi wawa unu

Feaser and Esgol reached the bottom of the ladder. They were in a circular room with dark red ceramic tiles. The ground was tiled in smooth, black stone. From a distant room, the sound of trains could be heard. Two hallways stretched out from here. And, in the middle of the room, on the floor, three identical devices were on the ground. While Esgol examined the room further, Feaser went to the devices and picked one up.

But he couldn't tell what it was for. And then, from the darkness, they heard some steps. They turned to one of the hallways when...

Devan and Yedor hurried down the spiral staircase. After a few flights, they reached a dark hallway. The walls were tiled with dark red ceramic tiling, and the floor was smooth black stone. The ceiling was arched, and in the same stone as the floor.

After a hundred meters or so, they saw the opening of a room before them.

She turned around while running, and tried to make a circle. A wall appeared in the middle of the hallway, behind them. They slowed down and entered the room and...

The two groups met face to face. They were surprised. To even see anyone. After they had met and grouped in pair, they had assumed they would be alone.

Yedor stopped, panting.

Feaser started speaking. "Uhm.. Hi. I thought we were going to be alone, but it's good to see more people.
-O-oh. Hi. Uhm... -We should, uh. Present ourselves. I'm Feaser Dertar.
-Right. I'm Yedor Asdaf, and this is Devan Elsest."

After a pause, Esgol presented herself. "And... how did you come here from your side ?"

They two groups explained how they had woken up, how they didn't remember how they had gotten here, how they found their partner, and how they ended up here.

"So, that wolf won't come for us ?
-If it does, either that wall was too thin, or it found a way around.
-Well I don't want to be here to find out which one happens. We should leave.
-Agreed, we have to find an exit.
-And what are these devices on the floor ?
-Oh, I inspected them but couldn't find anything."

Yedor picked one up.

But she couldn't make sense of it. "I think it's... Something to edit text ? Maybe a camera ?" Esgol took another one.

"Probably what Yedor said. It's been a while since I looked at computer stuff." They all took one anyway, except Yedor, who handed hers to Devan.

They continued down the other hallway.

"They aren't... particulary bright." "Yeah. But, this shouldn't matter for now." "Go and wake up the guide." "You got it."

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