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kulupu wi wawa unu

Yedor apprroached the figure on the ground. "H- hello ? Are you- are you ok ?" She looked up the hole. She couldn't see anything except mist. Devan stood up. They shook their head, still dizzy, then quickly noticed Yedor's presence.

Devan quickly jumped to their feet and pointed a finger at Yedor, threateningly. She backed away doing a "HHHH" sound.


After a few minutes of this kind of back and forth, Yedor regained her composure. "Sorry ! Sorry i startled you. Do you want me to check your wounds ?"

Devan relaxed their guard. Carefully, Yedor approached.

"I'm sorry, I can't find anything. Maybe you do have a wound, but if so it's an internal one. Does it hurt anywhere ?" Devan shook their head. "What's your name then ? It'll make it easier. My name is Yedor Asdaf." With a quiet voice that wasn't used to speaking, they answered "Devan Elsest."

"Then, Devan, let's look for a way out of... here." The two of them began to walk in the direction opposite to where Yedor had come from. "I woke up at the other end of that hallway, in a rundown living room. Where did you wake up ?"

Devan said nothing and simply pointed up, then to the carcass. "Oh, in a kind of... butchery place ? That would explain the stains." Devan nodded. Cheerfully, Yedor continued. "Im' glad I woke up in that living room then ! It was dirty but at least it wasn't full of dead animals."

Devan didn't respond. "Ah, sorry. I can be a bit of a... chatterbox."

They continued silentely.

Meanwhile, Feaser poked Esgol with a flamingo. He looked up through the hole once again. It was so deep that he couldn't see anything except floors and floors of wood panels. "What are you looking at, boy ?" Said an annoyed voice. Esgol had just woken up.

"Oh uh, you fell through the ceilings.
-Did I now ?
-Pretty sure yeah. Are you hurt ?"

Esgol stood up with some difficulty. "'Ts ok I think. Who are you ?
-My name is Feaser Dertar. And you ? Wait... I think I know you... Esgol Nessed ?

They stood silentely. I'm going to need you two to do something quick. "Well we better keep looking for a way out.
-Hold on, boy. Where did you wake up. And what's with the flamingo.
-Oh I woke up in a fake backyard. The flamingo is because it could always be useful, you never know. And you ?
-God. I don't think I want to remember.
-After a fall like that I don't think you can."

Feaser found another flight of stairs, and went down. "Why go down ?
-No idea, just a gut instinct. Besides, you came from upwards, so I doubt there's anything of value there."

Esgol looked at him with a shocked expression, then regained her composure and they continued down.

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