kulupu wi wawa unu

A richly lit hotel lounge. Golden fixture, red carpet on the floor. Cream sofas and armchair with glass tables. A bar. No one in it of course. Esgol looked at this scene with... perhaps not the disbelief you would have. She was used to waking up in hotel lobbies. What was wrong, though, was that she had no idea what hotel she was in. Even if she didn't remember going to an hotel, she should have recognized just from the lobby.

She tried to remember. She couldn't. Her name was Esgol Nessed. She was a politician. Not a very successful one. She had tried at a few points to use her charm, and now it was one of the only thing she was known for in this domain. Which explains waking up in hotel lobbies.

She stood up, and searched across the room. For anyone. There was no one. She went to the bar. The bottles were illegible, and mostly empty. She went toward the doors of the lobby, and was surprised. She opened the door.

Outside the lobby, was a simple scaffolding. Nothing more. A scaffolding that continued, in a clear sky. The poles holding the scaffolds extended down into the blue til she couldn't see them. Oh wow, she thought. I sure hope the room I'm in isn't held back by these flimsy things.

She looked down at what was holding the lobby and immediatly fell back on the ground, her heart beating.

The room swung from her fall. She stood up and jumped onto the scaffold. Just as she left the hotel lobby, it fell behind her, into the abyss. Down and down, and then WHAM ! The lobby hit one of the scaffolds below.

Esgol started running forward, but kept tripping on her feet.

She fell, and eventually lost consciousness. She didn't notice smashing through multiple layers of composite pannels, and did not notice slamming down in front of a man in a hawaiian shirt. She wouldn't have it any other way, anyway.

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