kulupu wi wawa unu

Dirty white tiles. Neon lighting. Rusted pipes. A mechanical clatter. And, hanging from hooks, animal carcasses. Devan stood up. They did not look confused. They had no expression. They were not one for expressions. They stood up, and observed the carcasses. The hooks were mounted onto a rail.

Devan walked to the walls, to a set of button, and pressed a large one.

The carcasses started moving along. Devan silently followed them accross the room, until the bodies disappeared in a hole in the wall.

Devan grabbed onto a carcass and held dearly as it went through the wall. Behind the wall, another corridor stretched, this one also tiled in white and lit by neon. However, this corridor was rotated diagonally. Devan clung tighter to the carcass, as they began to feel the effect of gravity shifting to the end of the hall.

Devan held on to the carcass, but the carcass slipped from the hook and the two of them came crashing down the hall. Devan lost consciousness for a short while.

After a bit, they woke up in a puddle of blood. Not their own though, as the floor was covered in blood. They were in a large room, with a very high ceiling. Above, they could see the opening from which they had fallen. And, in the space in the middle of the room, like a grotesque attraction, a few hundred carcasses were passing along a few rails, from time to time letting a drop of blood accumulate on the floor.

Nearer to the floor, two or three metallic doors. One of the walls had been damaged, and behind it showed a foggy abyss, above which some of the rails disappeared into the blue mist, aong with their boons of bodies. Here and there, lights in the abyss hinted at other structures.

Wings of light appeared near Devan's back, and they flew to the nearest of the structure.

A carcass on a rail above Devan slipped off of its hook and fell down, hitting them in the head.

>BLACK_CORRIDOR_5 : Esgol Nessed