kulupu wi wawa unu

The crystal shot upward. They all regained a more natural stance, thinking they had been successful. Then, amidst the sighs of relief, SIGIL-11-10-01's voice rang. "Watch out ! The seal hasn't been redone. The vessel is escaping !"

They all jumped to their feet, and watched the crystal above. It hung, stationary, high in the air. Then, it shot abruptly into the sea of clouds, disappearing.

"This is bad," continued SIGIL, "this sea is made up of all the souls of humanity. If it's rushing in there-"

They had been cut off by a great sound, like a thousand voices muttering a prayer. Then, the crystal emerged from the clouds, clad in a huge, transluscent orb, made of whirling flames and crying mouths. The group readied themselves.

But what could they do ? Where they powerless against the combined will of every human ? They tried to stand up, they tried to fight, but, again and again, without the orb so much as doing anything, they fell.

And eventually... They could no longer stand up. Feaser tried to look upward, but a stirring in the mass sent him flying back. Yedor tried to reach her phone, to finish typing a circle, but the phone was sent flying into the clouds.

They had been rendered powerless. Their long fight, in which they had stood up again and again, and had always been blown away, was over, ending with their loss.

But, Devan stood up. They were unaffected by the whirling mass. "ANGEL," they began, "You told me of how dreambeasts came to be. I have found a contradiction.

"Why, if the world keeps beating me up again and again, why... Why do I still care so much about it ? Why don't I hate it and curse it with all my being ?"

Even the orb above stopped its churning. "This is a fight we can't win alone. This is a fight in which we have to unite together, to rally. Only then will we be able to create a meaningful change." They extended a clawed hand, donned in black and blue, to the rest of the group. And everyone took it.

They all rose in the air, and as the crystal fled, they followed, preparing their formation. They reached it, slowly, closing in on it, and when they did, they all reached out their memorabilia towards it. The crystal, and the four people around them, all stopped.A great light came from the four artefacts the were holding.

Next thing they knew, they were back on the rooftop. The sea of clouds dissipated, showing emptiness below, in which the towers surged from.

A transluscent figure stood in the middle of them. It was a blue cat, standing on its hind legs, with a purple coat and a red scarf that lost itself in the wind. A voice from millenias in the past spoke.

"I am KNIGHT-0, the first dreambeast. I am the bearer of the Hearth of Revolution, although these words no longer mean anything. Following a long ritual, I have created the seal you have restored. However, this seal is imperfect. What is lost can never be regained, but can only be rebuilt. One of you, and I give you the discretion of choice, will bear the role of god and guardian of this new, rebuilt world. Do not think this is an easy task. Do not think you can take advantage of this position. Whoever accepts this task, will come into this circle. Goodbye."

And then, the figure disappeared. In its stead, a five-part circle of light appeared on the ground.

>BLACK_CORRIDOR_32 : Guardian of Eternity