kulupu wi wawa unu

A living room. Yedor opened her eyes. She did not recognize this place. This made her stressed. She stood up and looked around. She was in a living room. Tall windows were covered with white curtains that let the afternoon sun shine through. The wooden floor was slightly moldy, and some of the boards no longer fit together. The sofa she was on was covered with a few off-white blankets. The white plaster walls were cracked, and mold was clinging on the bottom. Plaster moldings run between the walls and ceilings.

She looked in her pockets. Oh no. No phone, nothing. Oh god. She went to the window, and peeked behinf the curtain. The window showed nothing. Because it wasn't a window. It was a large diffusion lamp that emitted a soft white light. She went to the other windows and looked behind their curtains. They were all the same lamp.

Ok, she thought, Let's go back on what we know. First, her name. It was Yedor Asdaf. She was a circle programmer focused on... well she didn't have a specialty yet. She had just finished her studies and was still looking for what she wanted to work in. She was very nervous, liked science, metronomes, and hated fish. Not because it tasted bad, but because they're kind of gross, you know ?

And now she had just woken up in a strange room she didn't recognize that had no window, lots of mold and cracks, and in disarray. Maybe she was underground ? maybe she had been abducted ? Well, no use thinking about it. Let's just look for a way out.

She looked around, but found no door. That threw her off even more. No door ? She looked under the sofa. Nothing but dust. She looked in the sofa. A mobile phone ? It was an old model, one that had a liquid cristal display and used a ten-key keyboard. She recognized the model as one capable of basic circle creation. It couldn't display and use a circle, but it could compose one. If she found something to draw the circle on she could exit.

On a shelf, she found a dried bouquet in a vase. She removed its water, and Maybe could use the stalk of the flowers as a brush. She tried to mix dust in the water to use it as a pigment, but it didn't work. Maybe she could... Ew. She could, but did she want to ? She thought of another solution.

The "windowsill" was plaster. She put aside one of the flowers, then made a flimsy fire configuration.

It would have to do. She took one of the flowers, and pressed it against the light. Quickly enough, it started burning. She put it in the firewood, and quickly enough, it all started to burn. The fire was small enough that it didn't get out of control, and after a dozen minutes or so, it went out. She mixed the ashes into the bowl, and then started to make the architecture of the circle.

That circle should work. Using the stalk, she carefully drew the circle on a white wall.

As she finished to draw the circle, a square block of the wall around the circle disappeared at once. Behind it was a brightly lit corridor, in the same style of the room.

You might be confused as to what circles are. They have been mentioned previously, as well as their functionment, but never truly explained. This will remain that way. Cope.

Yedor entered the hallway. The curtains were flowing, as if there was wind coming from the lamps behind, but of course there wasn't. Was this a circle ? How would I code that... She started thinking, then suddenly remembered something. She had a PHONE. She hadn't even tried for signal. She looked at it, and immediatly stopped looking at it. Ok. So to the end of the hallway it is.

She continued down the hallway. The floorboards creaked as she walked along. She could feel a fresh breeze coming from forward. Then, all of a sudden, under a large hole in the ceiling, a figure was laying down, unconcious. They were dressed in grey, and their clothes were bloodstained. Next to them was an animal carcass, skinned.

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