kulupu wi wawa unu

Devan had gotten back first. Then Esgol, and Yedor shortly after. Feaser was the last one. They basked in the fake light of the garden, enjoying these last few moments of calm. Shortly after Feaser, the dreambeasts all arrived.

Feaser was stretching, as if preparing to do sports. Esgol was sitting on a bench, silent. Devan was under a tree, somewhat to the side, but in such a way that they could see everyone. And Yedor was looking at the dark mural of the world eating creature.

None were talking, or exchanging more than a simple glance. None could think of something to say, of a way to break the tension. Finally, SIGIL-11-10-01 spoke.

"Ahem. Now that all the memorabilia have been collected... please gather near the mural. Thank you. I will open the gate to the seal. Does anyone have any question ?
-Yes, said Yedor, what are we supposed to actually do ?
-Ah, a pertinent question. When you find the seal, form a ring around it and hold out your memorabilia. They will gather by themselves and complete the ring. Anyone else ?"

Denoting the silence, the dreambeast opened the door. The mural split apart, and its shadow covered the whole garden.

Far away, in the distance, they could see a door, slightly ajar, shedding a single blade of light.

They entered it.

>BLACK_CORRIDOR_30 : Golden towers in silver sea