kulupu wi wawa unu

"Herein lies the first memorabilia," declared SIGIL-11-10-01. The hallway Yedor had been following was opening up into a great cavity, taller than any skyscraper she had seen before. She craned her neck upward, and could not even see the ceiling of the great four-sided hollow, only its slick concrete walls, losing themselves in the impossible clouds that had form in this fake sky.

The dreambeast pointed forward, to the middle of the cavity. Yedor set off, in the sand that filled this towering desert. In the distance, she could see a light.

When finally they arrived in front of the warm glow, Yedor saw it was an old brick building, its dark facade covered in soot from an extinct city. The windows showed only darkness, with only two lamps on either side of the entrance emitting light.

The two of them entered.

The blue-grey carpet on the floor was thick with dust. Yellowed wallpaper covered the wall, embalming the air with a smell of a forlorn time. Framed pictures of train stations closed factories lined the walls, with here and there some installations of glass panels showing the soil makeup and ore richness of multiple areas.

And, enshrouding all of that, a soft darkness like a smoky wimper, carressing Yedor's face with a melencholic gentleness.

She went up the central stairs, paying very little attention to the exhibits. She had seen them already, years ago, when she was a child. She had looked with joy at the machines of the past, at the mysteries that lay under the land. Now, she did not particularly care for them.

She wanted to go home. She advanced through the dark museum, navigating the ashen night.

She reached a great double door. With little effort, she pushed it open. These were the collections of the museum, and in front of her, hundreds of shelves stratched out, like a great library, and on each shelf, a hundred artefacts lay, waiting patiently for the moment they could be relevant again. She wandered through the shelves.

"The memorabilia is here, in this room.
-I can feel it. What is the memorabilia ?
-A seed bank."

She continued her search. Though she knew what she was looking for, she didn't have a goal, simply strolling through the bookless library.

Eventually, she reached on a shelf. She took a rectangular object, a frame with a glass cover. Beneath the glass, a small cavity where small seeds laid, aligned, all with their small label.

She exited the museum, and returned to the garden.

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