kulupu wi wawa unu

Esgol had been quickly walking in the corridor, followed despite her best efforts by a geometrical structure of fire and light. They were in a corridor of dark marble with a high ceiling, and a few potted plants here and there.

"Why the destruction ? Simple. Your universe is under the attack of an entity we call the dreamdevourer. We don't... quite know what it is. But, it goes from universe to universe and destroys them.

"It first puts them in this state, kind of like a spider sending gastric acid in a prey, and then it truly breaks this world. For now, though, we can still prevent this."

Esgol accelerated her steps.

"This is thanks to a very old dreambeast, called KNIGHT-0. A very, very long time ago, as in a time to long to understand, the KNIGHT managed to enter a universe that was being eaten, and then inscribed a circle onto the very reality of the dreamdevourer. This circle, a huge, five part circle, is a seal that slows down the dreamdevourer and enables its banishment.

"However, this circle is held by four memorabilia that the KNIGHT carried from the dream that made them. These are the four memorabilia you're going to collect."

Esgol accelerated again. FLAME followed without problem.

"Once the dreamdevourer has been banished, you will be given an opportunity to rebuild this world. Afterall, it won't get back to normal by itself."

Hearing this, Esgol slowed down a little. Still, she turned around and scremed "WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME THIS ?? I HAVEN'T EVEN ACKNOWLEDGED YOU ??"

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