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kulupu wi wawa unu

Devan had been walking in a brigly lit corridor. A light grey linoleum floor was shining under the bright lamps, and they had been encased by two white walls with a single blue green horizontal stripe.

Just in front of them was the lamp that had greeted them in the park at the center of the earth. The two had been talking together while walking.

"As I said earlier, this world is currently in an unusual state. This state was, in a way, induced by us, dreambeasts. All of the space has been divided and subdivided into corridors and rooms, fragmenting reality into a gargantuan castle of infinite shape.

Devan hadn't been very responsive, which somewhat unnerved ANGEL. They kept on talking.

"This division is both a good thing and a bad thing. It's a good thing in that it can be reverted, and serves to slow down and prevent the destruction of all things. It's a bad thing in that it enables the destruction of all things." Another pause from Devan. "So, the memorabilia you're on your way to collecting is there to prevent that destruction. We're going to remake this world."

"Why... don't you collect the memorabilia yourself ?
-Ah ! This is because us dreambeasts cannot directly interfere with the fate of a world. We can rather act as muses or guides, but we cannot do things ourselves."

"Why ?" Maybe ANGEL prefered it when Devan didn't talk. "Well, the main... objective we have, is to stop the cycle of war and destruction in a universe. I really shouldn't be saying this, but... yeah. And you can't enforce this sort of things on people. You can, however, teach them, and guide them towards this goal."

Doors started appearing on the walls. They were fake wooden doors, and had an opening planned for a window, which wasn't yet here. Beyond the doors, there was only wall, though.

"So, why's this world about to be destroyed ?"