kulupu wi wawa unu

Feaser had been talking with the silhouette for some bit. The silhouette, which he called WIRES, was made of mechanical parts and wires bundled into a vaguely humanoid shape. Their words had been echoing on the blue and white mosaic that covered the walls, floor, and ceiling. The air was humid.

"Every universe is a dream," declared the silhouette. "Every world finds its origin in dreams.

"Whenever you dream, you create a universe. A temporary and unstable one, but a universe nonetheless.
-So how does a dream become... long-lasting and stable, then ?
-It separates.

"A dream no longer attached to its dreamer, but which still exists, becomes a full-fledged universe. It becomes able to sustain itself."

On the floor, about 5 centimeter away from each wall and parrallel to them, a metallic grating ran the length of the hallway. The air started smelling of soap and cleanliness.

"I think I get it. But, wouldn't every universe be absurd and weird if they were dreams ?
-Yes. They would be. Of course, after some time, the chaos would rule itself out, and more concrete rules would establish themselves. However, it is possible to create a universe from scratch, then manipulate some of its properties to accelerate that process of rule establishment."

Beyond the grating, Feaser could see water flowing towards where they came. Some islands of foam and bubbles were lazily drifting on the stream.

"So which one is this universe ?
-It is difficult to tell. This world has some quite concrete rules, but at the same time, these rules can be bent.
-Like they are right now ?
-No, that is something else, which we will get to in due time. What I mean is that we have been observing this universe for some time, now, nearly since its creation. The creators of this world, who are now extinct, seemed to have made a point in not modifying this universe. They still made it into a circle, and then into a unique rune, Khanda, but did not necessarily accelerate the establishing of rules."

"So what does it mean ?
-Basically, its as if water was frozen in a wave, and not at rest. The rules are unmoving, but unstable. They beget chaos. Over long periods of time, the ice slowly melts and solidifies into a more stable shape, but this will take an enormous amount of time.

"It's quite likely that the rules of this world will be ever shifting and ever changing. An interesting thing is that your creators made another mistake. They populated this world, and primed it for war and conflict.
-We didn't know them well, but we're sure that they escaped in this world to avoid war. They were somewhat cowardly, but aren't the only ones to do that. What they didn't understand, is that violence is inescapable.

"Huh... Oh, wait you also said that the current state of the world was... special, even compared to its transcience.

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