kulupu wi wawa unu

Feaser apprached the carving. He could see what it represented, but not why it was here. In fact, the more he looked at the greenery, the more it felt... strange. At any moment he expected to be plastic, to be fake. If the place he woke up in a few days ago seemed fake, this place was just as much.

Then, a bright light shone. It engulfed everything, made everything go black, shrouding it in a luminous night, like a brilliant and shining veil of darkness.

A voice came forth, and slowly the light receded. "I am ANGEL-1-1-0-1-0. I am a dreambeast. You have done well to arrive at this place. Your navigation of this space, while hindered at some points, has been overall smooth and effective."

Through the light, they could see a shadow of light, one that looked like a great and elegant chandelier. "Your paths will split up for now. Accompanied by a dreambeast, each of you will have to collect a memorabilia from a dead world. You will receive explanations during your travel."

The light receded completely. The only light was the warm yellow light that filled the park, just as before. In four directions, four of the doors opened.

Yedor tried to stand up, and barely managed it. "I... I think I'll be fine. We'd better follow what they say...
-No way. No fucking way I'm doing anything the dreambeasts say."

Everyone turned to Esgol. "I mean- why ? Why would we have to do this ?
-They said they'd explain while we went.
-And ? AND ? Besides, what do they mean ? What do they mean by 'memorabilia from a dead world ?'
-So what are you going to do ?"

And like that, they all turned their backs and each went to one of the doors. "See you later then." "See ya" "Yeah."

They all exchanged a short goodbye, then went through a door.

Slowly, with both his hands, he touched his face, recoiling when his fingers passed over a sensitive area. He felt the bumps of his own face, passed it over, then, still as slow as before, looked at his own hands.