kulupu wi wawa unu

Esgol was walking straight towards the abyss. They had been for quite a while now. Slowly, steps had emerged from the slope, making their descent easier. Devan was walking a few meters behind her. They were still somewhat cautious of Esgol, but seeing her go first towards the bottom painted her as more trustworthy.

She broke the silence. "Devan. Feaser and Yedor will probably try to contact us. No matter what they say, don't answer. We're alone in this. All they would try to do is use us. So, unless I tell you to, don't answer them." Devan nodded. They still didn't trust Esgol too much, but it was better to agree and say nothing.

"Anyway, we're going to be together a while. It would do us good to try to know each other a bit. So, where do you come from ? What's your story, I mean.
-I'll tell you mine, and you tell me yours. Ok ?

Devan stayed silent. Esgol turned around, and saw them looking elsewhere, avoiding her gaze. "Ok, ok, I get it."

They were now in a metallic corridor, with pipes running up the length of the corridor, and a red light showering everything. The corridor was sloped, still downward, but metallic steps slowly emerged from the floor as they went down. They guided themselves down the steps with a metallic railing.

"I'll start, then. I was born in a family of politicians. Since a young age, I was raised with the prospect of having to eventually follow in these footsteps. I didn't want to. I was fascinated by chemistry and physics. I teached myself a lot of it, and was a brilliant student. I loved, and still love, learning how our world was constructed. How molecules influenced each other, how they interacted, how the forces shaped our reality.

"Of course, despite indulging in this, and secretely hoping to pursue a career on this path, I knew I would have to leave it behind. My family forced me to become a politician as well. I was a small politician. Eventually, I... made some mistakes. I thought I was being clever. I wasn't. And now... Well, here I am."

She let the silence linger on. The sound of steam as it leaked from pipes filled the silence, along with the sound of their footsteps on the cold metal. Devan stayed silent.

Yedor was out of breath. She had just caught up to Feaser and Brend. "Oh, so you came," remarked Feaser. They were walking down a wooden staircase, black curtains framing the path.

"You know," said Yedor, "I thought a bit, and I think I'm just being unnecessarily cautious.
-You don't say." Feaser was understandably pissed at her.
-So, I think we should tell more about ourselves. Like, what we did before, where we come from, and all that."

Brend stayed silent. Yedor wasn't even sure he had noticed she was back. He was walking decidedly at the front, with Feaser following, then Yedor, still a bit behind. "Yeah, good idea !" finally answered Feaser.

"Okay, I'll start. I'm Yedor. I was born in a somewhat poor family. Since very early, my father left our house, and my mother raised me alone. I was fascinated by circles, but we didn't have money at all. I had to join the circle programming club at school to even get access to a computer.

"Evenutally, my mom fell ill from working so hard to provide for the both of us. I started to take small side jobs, while still saving up to go to university. I managed to get in, but my mom died in the hospital shortly after. I continued to work both my job and university at the same time, til I got my degree. I tried to find a job with that degree, but since I was from a poor background couldn't find any. To this day I am- sorry, was searching for one."

Feaser looked at her. He was somewhat surprised. "That's... very similar to my story. Maybe not as tragic, though.

"I was also born in a somewhat poor family. I loved drawing since I was a kid, and always dreamed of pursuing an artistic career. Sadly, my family couldn't afford to have me not work as soon as possible, so I had to leave that behind to work in a convenience store. I still do art from time to time, but I've given up on making it my job."

Yedor continued walking, finally catching up to Feaser. They started walking side by side, a few meters behind Brend. "Yeah, these are... somewhat similar tales," agreed Yedor. She looked at Brend, her plan working smoothly. "And you, Father ? What's your story ?"

He finally seemed to acknowledge her. "Ah, uhm, my story. Well, as I told you before, I come from a small town called Criggion. This town is mostly known for its church, so I ended up becoming a priest there."

Yedor side-eyed him suspiciously. "Uh-huh. You ended up becoming a priest because your town was known for its church ? How big is that church ?
-Oh, the town isn't that big, about 700 inhabitants. So the church isn't too big either. The church is just the most noteworthy thing about this town.
-What's the church called ?" asked Feaser enthusiastically
-It's called the Church of St Michael and All Angels.
-So... does every kid ends up in that church ? Is there really no other reason that you became a priest that there was a church in your town ?
-Oh, no, no. My family was poor, so it was a good place to put me in. I didn't bring any money home, but I didn't take up any either.
-I see, I see. And your parents ?
-Well, my father was... a priest as well, and my mother owned a small shop."

Yedor smirked. "So, you say your father was a priest, yet your family begrudgingly gave you up to the church ? And wouldn't the church give your father some kind of alimony, or at least some goods and foods to feed his family ?"

Brend stayed silent. He didn't try to answer. Yedor felt suddenly afraid of the man. A shiver ran down her spine, as she thought his shadow was growing among the flimsy lighting, enveloping all, devouring the world.

"Whatever justification I give, You just won't ever be satisfied, will you ?" He turned to Yedor, his face engulfed in shadows. Only his eye stood out, casting an accusatory glare to Yedor. "Well, I guess I won't give any, then."

Everything happened very quickly. Brend turned around, and ran towards Feaser. Yedor noticed than even when exposed to linght, his face remained in the shadows. He picked Feaser up, and ran through a curtain, tearing it apart. He rushed down a hidden passage.

Yedor was quick to pull herself together, and ran behind him.

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