kulupu wi wawa unu

Feaser stopped Yedor. "Where's Devan ? They were right behind us...
-Uh, uhm
-Did they go back or something ?
-Feaser... I don't think we should try to look for them.
-Huh ?
-We should... we should do as the Dreambeast said... and continue.
-Oh. Ok, then. Maybe we'll catch up to Esgol."

They continued in silence. After a short distance, the environment had begun to morph again. The furniture was fusing with the walls, forming a sort of giant staircase in the now near vertical shaft. Slowly, as they descneded, the walls were shifting to a uniform grey. Yedor touched one, confirming it was concrete. The furniture itself was looking more and more like concrete blocks.

After a very short time, they were in a staircase. Metal steps coming out of the walls bridged the way between the concrete blocks. When looking in the center of the well by peering over the edge, only a bottomless abyss revealed itself. From time to time, a passage way opened up on the side of the well. Sometimes above a concrete block, sometimes its doorway opened in mid-air.

As they were passing one of the corridors, they heard a voice. A man's voice. "Hello ? Is there anyone ?"

Yedor was almost ready to pass without looking, but Feaser stopped her. "Hi ? Do you need help ?
-Oh ! Not at all ! I heard footsteps and called out ! It's been a long time since I've seen anyone."

The owner of the voice exited from the darkness. It was a man, around 50 years old. His short curly hair was fading from ginger to grey, and his round face invited conviviality. He was dressed in a black robe, that of a priest.

"Hello, I'm father Brend of Criggion. I woke up in this... facility a bit ago. Do you know where we are ?
-Oh ! No idea, no. I'm Feaser Dertar, and this is Yedor Asdaf. We awoke here yesterday," Feaser answered immediately.

"Feaser, we have to go.
-... You're right. Father, would it bother you to come with us ?
-Not at all ! I would be delighted to have some company."

And so, they began to make their way down. Along the road, Brend talked with Feaser. Eventually, Feaser told him about the Dreambeast, and their task to go to the center of the earth.

At first Brend was reluctant, but he eventually agreed, saying it was a "wonderful idea", and that he would come along all the way. He tried a few times to talk to Yedor, but she wasn't very verbose.

In fact, she was a bit scared. All in all, Brend excluded, she had met three other people, who had all awoken at the same time as her. But now, a fourth one arrived, having just woken up, a day after everyone ? It was suspicious.

After a few hours of going down, the environment had changed a few times. For now, wooden planks lined the walls, and a smooth white carpet covered the concrete blocks. They decided to stop here for the night.

>>CRC: hi aria
>>SBT: hi yedor !
>>CRC: can u fnd wR i am on th map ? i shld be wth feaser
>>SBT: hold on gimme a sec...

>>SBT: yeah, got you !
>>CRC: do u see any1 else near us
>>SBT: no, devan and esgol arent showing up at all.
>>CRC: hm. thx. good night
>>SBT: you're welcome ! have a good night too.

>BLACK_CORRIDOR_15 : Let's do something great, together