kulupu wi wawa unu

Yedor woke up first. She looked at the others, and saw they were all asleep. Then, she noticed that although she was hungry, she wasn't feeling... feeble. Nor was her stomach grumbling. She was just a little bit hungry.

She took out the flip phone.

>>CRC: aria ?
>>SBT: yeah ?
>>CRC: oh sry ddnt mean 2 wake you up
>>SBT: i wasnt sleeping don't worry
>>CRC: well thn. i jst wantd to know
>>CRC: who R U ?
>>CRC: im a crcle prgrammer
>>SBT: oh hm...
>>SBT: i never... really thought of that.
>>CRC: ah, the othrs R wakng up. lts contnue this smtime else
>>SBT: yeah !

Eveyone except Feaser had woken up now. He was snoring loudly. Esgol shook him a little, and he started to wake up.

After a quick check of how they were feeling, they got a move on. They entered the 3rd tunnel from the left, and started advancing.

The tunnel was dark, much darker than the station. In that black, impenetrable shroud, they stumbled over the rails again and again. At some point, Yedor programmed a small circle, and lit up the area. And then, they noticed they weren't exactly stumbling on rails.

Or, rather, that the rails were covered in carpet. They were covered in a thinly striped grey carpet. The walls around them had shifted from the raw cement of earlier, and into a tasteful orange wallpaper. The more they advanced in this corridor, the less it resembled the tunnel. Little by little, the rails receded into the ground, and as they did, neon lights emerged bit by bit from the ceiling.

Eventually they were in what seemd like a corridor in an appartment complex. Yedor dispelled the circle. Some furniture started appearing, things like benches, chairs, closets.

And then, little by little, they felt the corridor shift. As they looked forward, they could see that it started to sink. They were currently on a very slight slope. And forward, the abyss gaped before them.

And then suddenly, the lights turned off.

A voice spoke, croaked, "Here you go : Come. Come, closer."

In the darkness, they felt compelled to approach. And in the darkness, they could see a starry sky through three tall, very tall windows. A faint light came, from somewhere. A church altar was before them. They were in a void, with only the four of them, the altar, and the three windows.

And the glyph. A complex, undefined, ever shifting glyph.

"I," the voice said again, "am : the SIGIL-11-10-01. I am a dreambeast." The group didn't feel as if they were in reality anymore. "Details are unnecessary for your goal. For now, you are to : Descend. Descend, with a capital D."

They were awestruck at the presence of the glyph. It seemed like something out of this world, something that couldn't possibly exist.

An object from a dream.

"You will descend to : the core of the earth. That is, the room connected to every room. Goodbye."

A shooting star passed through the window, and they were back in the corridor.

They were sweating.

And yet they continued. Ordained by a will higher than their own, they couldn't resist the tides that bound their mind.

>BLACK_CORRIDOR_13 : Dream-like reality