kulupu wi wawa unu

There is something I don't quite understand from Juror's plan. He said he wanted to destroy the surface, then reseed it with humanity. But that would mean that the humans underground would disappear, right ? Or maybe they would have died from the Deluge.

As we exit the fortress, a rumble. Then suddenly, serpents. Thousands of them, emerging from the ground, all thin. Just like the serpent Yuletone had turned into. What's happening ?

"Do you see that Aria ? These serpents...
-There shouldn't be that many."

All the serpents have a black body, covered in the same material as the earth's core. Were... Were the serpents turning others into serpents ?

As if to confirm that, several guards run outside, scream, and collapse as serpents leave their bodies.

Did Zacharie foresee this ?

"There are too many to stop," 21 says before running back inside. "Aria... I'm sorry."

We rush back to Juror's room. He's preparing to launch the Deluge and the Ark. "Not so fast, Juror." 21 advances toward him, unstoppable. She pushes Juror aside when he tries to stop her.

She undoes a latch on the Deluge and the Ark, two machines combined into one. Finds a slot for a chip, removes the already inserted one.

"Aria I... I'm sorry. Everyone will die, except you. I'm sorry I have to leave you behind in this world.
-21 !" My protests are unheard. "21 !" I cry out.
-Please, guide the next world onto another path."

She takes out the soul chip -the one on which i reside- and without hesitation, slides it in the machine.

I cry out. I don't want this. I don't want to leave them. So shortly after coming into this world, already leaving it. Why did this have to happen ?

Why did Juror have to do this ? What was the root of the chain, that began all this ? Whatever it is, I hate it. And if everything I know was brought out from it, then i hate everything as well. I hate it all.

But, as the bedrock rushes past, and as the nebula appears, I regret it. I regret that I couldn't have been kinder.

The past is but an endless source of sorrow.

And the future ? The future. 21 told me to guide the next world. But will I be able to do that ?

Can I stop the Flood ? The more I think about it, the more I want to stop the Ark, and not the Flood. Whatever the inhabitants of this world are, human or beast, one thing remains constant.

They will never forgive.

War is always roaming.

Revenge is inevitable.