kulupu wi wawa unu

If the trip down was nerve wrecking, the trip back up is twice as worse. No one is left, only Juror. He still doesn't tell us where Perre is.

"What will you do with that sample ?
-You just witnessed. Simply by being in proximity with that material, Yuletone's soul was changed to that of a serpent, and her body followed suit right after. With that sample, I could destroy all the beasts above and make a perfect world for humanity.
-Juror, you are crazy. Those on the surface deserve to live just as much as we do.
-And yet, who was it who built these cities ?

"Who was it who built you ? While they are stuck at the farming age, in pitiful buildings with no automation, we, humans, built everything you see around us. We, and we alone, carved ourselves a home within the earth itself, and continuously defend against the serpents. Humans are the superior species, the most perfect of all beings. It's only fair for me to want to destroy all else.

"And it's you that I hate. Yes ! You. You represent everything I hate with the world. Humans were created perfect, yet your creator tried to change herself to something else. And worse, she wants to help humans evolve ! She wants to let loose the reigns of society, and she wants to help the beasts ! Guerra disgusts me.

"What she doesn't know, is that by now a great number of the beasts have been extinguished. Before going on this expedition, I bartered with the carnivorous beasts. I assured them I would provide them with meat even if they ate all of their brethren ! And they did.

"As we speak, the "earthbound" beasts, as they call themselves, must have been completely eaten by the "sungazing" beasts. And soon, the sungazing beasts will realize their mistake and will starve to death."

>>CMD: please please please make him shut up
>>CMD: please punch him
>>SBT: No. As much as I want to, he is the only one who knows where the professor is.

"And now if you'll excuse me, I have somethin important to create." With that, Juror leaves.