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kulupu wi wawa unu

We don't really have a choice. Neither of us wants to do this, but we don't have a choice. We have to help Juror in his expedition, because only he knows where the professor is, and will only tell us after his demented expedition.

Here we are, back to Agartha, Yuletone's city. Since there is a tunnel that probably leads to the earth's core in this city, and that it's under Juror's rule, this is where we will start. The expedition team consists of us, Juror, Yuletone, Eschire, and a few other scientists and soldiers.

The tunnel is at a slight angle, a gaping mouth in the ruins of a city. 21 flies to the middle of the maw and looks down. "We're going to go there, aren't we ?
-Yes. We have to do it.
-For the professor.
-For Perre."

The trek is long. The tunnel is dark. There is no light, neither ahead nor behind, other than our lamps.

where they are going no one can save them

Still nothing, except the endless night. I'm glad I don't have to walk myself. Sometimes I communicate a bit with 21, but we have nothing to tell each other.

no one or no thing, at least

21 tries to convince Juror, but he's dead set on his goal. Yuletone won't talk to her, and seems scared of Juror. Eschire too, although he's more friendly to us.

in the bowels of the earth, in the dark shaft leading to the heart

Everyone is scared of Juror. None of us know how he will react at any point. We're all tired, all on edge.

not even the light of the sun can reach them.

not even the light of the sun has reached them in hundred of years.

The more we go down, the more uneasy I feel. We shouldn't be here. No one should.

at this point is it even foolishness ? or is it a strong desire to die and destroy oneself. look at them shiver, and hear their whispers.

they are afraid after all. in this endless night they have shrouded themselves in...
i wonder...
is there even a point for them to go on ?
what drives them. them, the humans, but not only them. what drive the angels. what drives the ideals. what drives the renegades. what drives the fallens. what drives the gods. what drives them all.

does a falling rock truly want to fall of its own desire ? or is that desire a consequence of its circumstances ?

After about two weeks of going down, we arrive. The core.

A dark icosahedron, in the perfect middle of the planet. Countless passages. Juror marks the one we came from.

He sends Yuletone to go near the core, to take a sample.

She takes a blade, and advances on the platform. She raises the blade. Brings it down.

A dark piece falls out. She kicks it toward Juror.

She screams.


Her body disintegrates. From within, a thin serpent comes out. Juvenile.

It slithers. It springs.

Many fall. 21 shouts. I wake up, and crush the serpent with my mind's arms.

Only two are left. Juror and us.

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