kulupu wi wawa unu

Black space. Blinking stars around me. Everything spins. Echoes of hushed voice. Only fragments understood. "...should we..." "...she is..." "...for safety reasons..."

This doesn't feel real. Like the serpents in the computer screen, like the ruins with tunnels, like the whole world out there. Then suddenly, it all converges. All the stars come into me, a starry sky in my being.

It's all clear. I am looking at the storage room through the camera. Electrick lock, opens. Guard rushes in. I focus, and blue cubes appear around him and launch. He faints. I enter his phone.

Not very mobile, but I reach with my mind's arm and make it float. Open the camera and see through it.
>>CMD: alright, take care

Rush through the concrete corridors. The cell neares to the city, furthest from the wall. Found it. A great rumble outside. A sad robot inside.

The phone approaches 21, who takes it and connects it to herself. Back in my room.

"I found where the professor is, he's with Juror like you guessed.
-Good, two birds with one stone. We will have to run, however, a serpent just appeared. Could you do us the honors ?
-Of course."

With many arms I reach to the wall, and it caves in. 21 Rushes outside. The ceiling is the same color of flame of when I woke up at first, and a great serpent is destroying the city. As 21 had said, the wall did nothing to stop that.

21 takes flight. I make countless of the blue cubes, and launch them at the serpent. "You learned to make constructs I can see.
-Constructs ?
-These cubes, these are I.T constructs"

21 slices the air to the serpent, and it plunges underground. With my mind's arms, I reach out and lift buildings around into a circle around us.

21 watches warily for the serpent. Then suddenly, a great light comes from below and it emerges. I launch all the buldings toward it, and 21 plunges after them.

The serpent discards the buildings, taking only a few ones full on, and then 21 plunges straight into its head. I reach with the arms inside, and tears the serpent from within.

It writhes and screams, then plunges back underground. 21 looks around for a few seconds. "It's gone. It fled.
-Oh woah. I didn't know I had gotten that good.
-This was some very good fighting indeed. You're learning to do more with your psychic powers.
-For now we should go look for the professor.
-Yes, and for Juror. If what I remember of him is correct, we should hurry."