kulupu wi wawa unu

21 is flying at highspeed in a tunnel. In a daze, I watch the walls of the cave pass by us. After our conversation with number 12 yesterday, 21 decided to go look in another city. The city we were approaching was apparently one of the smaller cities. I wonder what it looks like. After all, I've never seen a city that wasn't in ruins.

After a short time we emerge from the tunnel. The city is... It's fucking huge !!! What ??? Great black stone wall raise nearly to the ceiling of the cave. In the middle of the city a huge tower rises over it all, linking to the ceiling.

>>SBT: This city has gotten bigger. It should have been smaller.

We land and approach the gates. Guards tell us to fuck off, but 21 stays calm and asks why the city got so big. "Er, uh... There's a new guy in charge. Before we were just worried about living and satisfying the serpents so that they don't ruin us.

"But a new general rose to the top and now she's the one ruling the city ! She has a completely different philosophy : we should just fight off the serpents. But anyway, go piss off. The gate is closed.
-I want to talk to this general. We're looking for someone who might interest her.
-And I'm looking for you to go away.
-I myself could interest the general.
-I can already tell you that no, the general wouldn't care about you."

"And I can tell you that, no, she would indeed be interested." A serious voice had spoken from a grate in the gate. From a smaller door in the gate, a man in a military uniform appeared. "I am lieutenant Eschire, from the city council. This individual is exactly the kind of person we are searching for. Let it in, I will escort it to HQ."

Without complaining the guard just lets us in. I have to admit this Eschire guy is a bit threatening. Well anyway, the inside of the city is grim. There is almost no one in the streets except for small troupes of armed soldiers, probably keeping watch. The buildings are all square too, made of concrete.

The further we approach the giant tower, the more the architecture around us changes. The houses are smaller, in more diverse materials, with more diverse architecture. And eventually here we are : the biggest motherfucking building ever built.

The tower is... of undefinite shape. It seems it was built in a pillar of the cave. But weren't these caves carved out already ? this is a bit confusing.

Eschire makes us enter. The inside is also made of simple stone, all carved out. Red tentures accentuate that this building is for military purposes only. He takes us to a spiral staircase, and up we go. And up and up and- god did they have to make this tower so fucking big ?

Eventually we reach the top. I think its the top at least. Eschire opens the door to a large office, makes us enter, then leaves.

The inside of the office is just like the rest of the tower, carved out in the stone. A large window embedded in the wall lets us see the city. A figure is seated at a large desk. With the light coming from behind we can't see their face.

"Finally, you arrive. I am general Yuletone, the leader of this city.
-You aren't the leader of anything, general." Huh ?
-What do you mean ?" She stood up and started to walk around, looking through the window.

"When me and my army arrived to this city, it was a humble town. It was under the domination of the serpents, at their mercy. We decided to change that. We made the city bigger, from our own hands, and protected the lives of all those who now live here.

"We reversed the balance. From fearing the serpents, we became feared by the serpents, all of this from our own hard work." After saying that last sentence she turned to face us. She has a big scar over her left eye.

"So you say. Yet the deployment of troupes in this city is inneficient. You also say you built this city, but it seems quite tortuous and unfit for military operations. And finallly, you should know that a wall, no matter how big, will not stop a serpent."

Yuletone looks at us surprised lol. "I can only conclude that someone is controlling you from the shadow, to have given you this influence and power.

"So can I see this person ? You are obviously not the one I am looking for."

The gate slams behind us. "And don't come back," spits Eschire.

>CRIMSON_UNDERGROUND_05 : Infiltration in a maze