kulupu wi wawa unu

Ok so... we're really going to do this ? I do not want to be here. The bed beckons. "Aria. Concentrate. You can do this. First, try to do this within the room. Put both of your hands on the desk, and try to reach out and move something. No, not like that, reach out with the arm in your mind."

I do that. Uhm. Hnng. Guh. I can't do it. The fridge is too heavy and it slams back into the ground.

>>CMD: sorry i can't do it
>>SBT: Aria.
>>CMD: im sorry ok !! youll have to do this alone. >>SBT: Aria. Please.
>>CMD: its true !! i tried my hardest !! i just can't do it !!

"ARIA !"

This had been from the screen. "Aria, the fridge moved. There is a webcam on the computer." Oh.
-Wait can you hear me too ?
-Loud and clear. Now listen to me. You can do this. Don't let the details bog you down. Here's what you're going to do.
-I'm listening
-Just like before, you're going to reach out. And you're going to move something outside the room, like a debris or something.
-Ok. Wait uh how do-
-What did I say about details ? You're going to do this, wether you can or not. Now focus."

I do focus. Just like before I try to reach out with my mind's arm. Toward uh... this debris. Yeah. Move this debris around. Just like...

Suddenly the camera shakes and moves out of the way. I don't see the debris anymore. "What the fuck ? Can you at least stand still ?" But as I say that...

The camera looks back to where it was just a few seconds ago, and black spears stab from the earth there. Oh. "Focus on one of the spears. Even if you don't see it anymore.
-How can I do that ??
-When you hold something in your hand, you don't need to see it to know it's there. This is the same. You just need to hold it like you would normally.
-Makes sense. I'll try.
-I'll stay here for a few seconds."

Okay. Okay just a few seconds. Just focus... And... Hold it like you would normally... "And then ?" Without hesitation, the artificial voice answers. "Throw it at the serpent."

The spear tears through the air without a sound, and stabs the serpent so deeply that it's almost entirely in its body. The creature writhes and cries out.

"Now try to take as many spears as possible !" cries out the voice, and the camera swings around as the robot flies wildly around, dodging a sudden rain of black spears. Focus again... I take a spear. It stays hanging in the air. I reach out and... take another. My mind's arm isn't limited by number. I have as many as I want. I reach out and... grab a spear... but the first one falls down...

"Don't worry about me. Just take a spear, then another with another arm. Like you would with your hands."

Two... Three... I throw them at the snake. They stab as deep as before. Ok, ok. But it's still moving ? Uhh... "Reach for them and move them around !" Oh. Good idea, I reach out with my mind's arms for the spears already stabbed, and I turn and stab and swish inside the snake's body. It cries out even louder than before, and then stops moving. It collapses. Is it dead ?

"It's over. You can stop now.
-Oh wow. That's uh... wow.
-These are serpents.
-Now what ?
-We should go look for the professor.
-Oh uh, do you know where the shelter is ?
-Yes. You should rest a bit after that effort, though. I need you to be in great shape, full of energy.
-Alright. See you."