kulupu wi wawa unu

If you can read this, then it means I have died. This book you are holding is the only truly complete Book of Rorhk. While many copies were made and shared, only this one contains this text.

This is a postface, a true conclusion to the book. This book has crossed centuries. It was started long ago by Rorhk. It was started by a lone child who was sent away, and who wandered the world, a child who learned from others, and tried to bring some diversity in this static frozen world.

But now, even this static frozen world has ended. The last psalm in the penultimate version of the book is a warning : it warns of the Sungazing Beasts, who began to hunt so much that no survivor was left. In that warning, I urged people to head south, but what I had not foreseen was that at the south too, the Sungazing had hunted.

Now, I am probably the last Earthbound Beast left. I feel a great sadness at this realization, because something very important happened. As the Sungazing Beasts were hunting, and as the Earthbound Beasts were under such a threat, the Great Nebula converged. Seven Shimmer Spots have appeared, Shimmer Spots so large that the Nebula has entirely disappeared.

I feel a great sadness, but also a great anger. All this effort, over the last centuries, to make the Earthbound Beasts thrive, all ended due to the greed of our predators.

I will keep this book on me, and keep hidden. I still have a final deed I want to see realized, and I will not rest until it is done.

So, if you read this, I am most probably dead.

-Rorhk the 37th, said The Clairvoyant