kulupu wi wawa unu

There is One Grave Sin
Which you must never
Replicate from the
Sungazing demons.
They hunt for good farms,
They pillage and take,
But what they want most
Isn't riches or pickles.

No, what they long for,
Is your hide and flesh.
They kill and murder,
With a silver knife,
They cut out your hide,
And chop up your meat.
With a pinch of salt,
Maybe even two,
They eat Earthbounds raw.
Only white bones left.

Be wary too, of
Travellers, who claim
They eat both meat and
Stalk, for if ever
Sungazing Beasts come,
They too will join them,
And in their big maw,
Your own blood will flow.

>IRIDESCENT_DUST_09 : The End of the Earth