kulupu wi wawa unu

Before leaving the lake-round ruins, Jhin searched for the police station. They found it half destroyed, and went inside to retrieve firearms. Then, he tried to use them. However, after two centuries, the guns were no longer functional. Melissa took one, and using a construct, managed to fire a bullet. She spent the rest of the day training her aim. The Dust did not know where the swords were, only what continent they were on. There was a sword on Malutelo, the island at the south, one on Majala, the desertic continent, and one on one of the islands of Masimute, an archipelago to the northeast of Majala. As for the Sun and Ubu's places of operations, they were toward the south of Masuli, the large continent at the south.

After a day of training, they went southward again. This time, they knew to tackle the desert at night. They traveled to Witomo during the night, and slept for the day. Then, they regained Japini in the night again. From Japini, they joined the sea again, and found the boat they had used to come to Majala. They sailed it again back to Malutelo, and there they started their search.

They started with Tatelo. They asked in the village about legendary swords, but although there were a few, all of them were from stories from before event zero and could not have been about the swords. Then, they asked about any old ruin that dated from before event zero. A lot of people knew of ruins, for example a large ruined city formerly known as Pokatelo sat northeast near a river, but most of them could not date these ruins, or tell what their function had been.

They went to Pokatelo, but as expected, the sword was not there. It was simply a city. Towering spires, crumbling from the wind. Plants dared not even cover the ruins in ivy. They searched the city, but quickly gave up. Nothing was left here. There was only the decaying skeleton of an era long gone.

Then they remembered. They themselves had seen the ruin they were searching for. They went back south, to the forest they had landed on. They quickly found what they were looking for. A great stone door, weathered by the wind and rain. They pushed the doors, and instead of opening on its hinges, the doors fell flat. The dust settled, and they could finally grasp what they had come for.

A sword, laying on a pedestal. The sword was very long, about a meter and a half to two meters long. The sword was simple, with no decoration, and nothing remarkable except for its coloration. It was cut in its length in two halves. One was completely black, and the other was completely white. The sword was named Equality. Jhin picked it up, and the sword lifted up by itself. It floated, its blade pointing to the ground, and followed Jhin and Melissa.

One out of three.

As they went out, a crow flew down to them. The crow's head was covered in ashes. With the broken voice of the Dust, it spoke. "The MOTH has found the location of the Sword of Majala, the one named Justice. However it is locked by a key. We believe this key is kept by an Ideal residing in a bunker to the north. We rely on you to get the key and gather the sword." And the ash fell off the crow's head, and the crow flew away.