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kulupu wi wawa unu

There were lots of legends in this world. Legends of before, legends of a fall, legends of after, and legends of the end. Some of these legends shared some characters. Many had a god represented by a dice, or a star represented by a candle.

Two other figures were famous in these legends. Some viewed them as heroes, some as destroyers. In the end, they became known simply as two warriors.

They had fought for a long time, and had defeated the dice and the candle. But eventually, even some things were lost.

Lost to time, for example, were the three swords and the one sword with which the warriors had fought.

Lost to time as well, were their wishes. Few remembered why they had fought so many. Lost to time, were many of their acquaintances. Lost to time was the ghost they convinced to stop existing. Lost to time, was the unknown one, who had become one with the depth.

And lost to time, were the final actions of the dice. Seeing its imminent defeat, the dice had sent a part of itself down to the earth. Some things would never become forgotten, and one of these was the kind and benevolent earth. But, the dice had not succeeded.

It wanted to become one with the earth, into a being more powerful than the candle and the warriors, but it couldn't. It was overwhelmed, and what it had done for the good of those it loved failed. Had it succeeded, the earth would have been forever kind to those who loved it.

Lost to time as well, was the sacrifice of the candle. It knew what would happen. It knew that it too, would eventually die. If not now, it would have died to the Forgotten Sword the warriors had lodged in its entrails sooner or later.

So, as a gesture of kindness, it died. The candle decided to die a peaceful death. It had seen all of the deeds of the warriors, and it knew that for them to accept death, it had been their final wish, the thing they wanted the most. So it accepted and honored it.

The candle died slowly. Instead of a single deflagration that would have burnt the planet it loved so, it died slowly, quietly extinguishing.

It wanted to give the planet another chance.

Lost to time, were all these deeds, all these actions. No one would remember them, but, as forgotten as they would be, no one could have ignored their consequences.