kulupu wi wawa unu

After having continued northward for a day, the two arrived at the outskirts of a village. It was built from sheets of metal and logs of wood, sometimes strung together haphazardly, but it was a village nonetheless, with all the ordinary things found in an ordinary village : children playing in the streets, mothers running errands, old people looking at the sky.

As if no time had passed. As if no war had ever been led, as if no more than two days had passed and not two hundred years.

Some things did not change. No matter how many wars would be fought, children would play in the streets, mothers would run errands and old people would look at the sky from old chairs.

They guessed this village was Tatelo. After gathering some necessary supplies, they looked for an inn to stay in.

The village bar was lively that night. Lots of people were inside, eating the soup-like food from large wooden bowls. It was another staple of time, one which would not change no matter what. Among the surrounding chatter, they found two open seats by a table, sat down, and went to get their food.

At first, not wanting to bother anyone, the ate in silence. But then, their neighbor, an old man with a missing hand, asked them. "And you, where are you from ? Obviously you're travelers, so where are you going ?
-We're going to Majala, northward." answered Melissa.
-Ah, Majala ? That's mighty big ! Don't you have a more precise destination ?"

Melissa thought of this. They had been told to wait for more instructions from the RAT or the MOTH once they got to Majala. But she also knew that her native town was in Majala. As for where they came from, they obviously couldn't say they were from the south. They had just been there, and there was nothing more south than this town, at least on this island.

"We're waiting for a friend there. Also want to check out the ruined city at the north." answered Jhin, while Melissa was still thinking about what to say.
-Ah you mean the Sewi lake ? I'll be ! It's been years since anyone set foot over there. They say strange shadows roam, even during the day. And then there's the desert ! just south of Sewi, there's a large desert that covers most of Majala. I hope you have some equipment for that !
-We'll manage" simply answered Melissa "But so you know where we can find a boat to go to Majala ?"
-Hmm... You'll probably find one at the harbors. There are two big harbors on Malutelo. There's a commercial one at the north and a leisure one at the south. Of course, both of them are long since abandoned. I'm sure you can find one that's still good though."

The old man seemed like he could have gone on and on, so Jhin, seeing their companion had also finished her food, politely excused themself. They went to the counter to rent a room, then went to sleep.