kulupu wi wawa unu

Melissa opened her eyes. A palm tree swayed overhead, against an azure sky. She could hear the sea, and was laying down on sand. She sat up and looked around. She was on a beach. Next to her, Jhin was still unconscious. The sand was a clear white. In front of them, turquoise waters were gently lapping at the beach. There were few clouds. Seagulls. She stood up, looked behind. A wall of plants, the start of a dense forest.

And in front of her, to the northeast, far on the horizon, but not far enough...

Jhin had woken up. They were making their way in the mainland. From what they had seen on the horizon, they guessed that they were on the island of the last sword. The forest was dense. Palm trees of course, but also thousands of other plants which neither could recognize. They advanced slowly.

After a short walk, they arrived at a stone wall covered in ivy. They went around the structure, and arrived at a large stone door. Large stone door, which had fallen inward.

They had never needed a key.

It had all been for nothing.

They went in. The last sword, Law, had a bone-like texture. Its long, jagged blade, was wrapped at the hilt by yellowing parchment. The sword, like the previous one, was awakened by its brethren. They took it, and went outside, back to the beach.

Over the direction where Majakike should have been, there was a large cocoon. A greenish, brownish, purplish, pinkish, reddish, yellowish cocoon. A large zit on the world. A tumor. This was the plague being. Not a measly avatar, with blue-white skin, long and thin limbs, and too many eyes. But a titanic amalgam of rot, illness, mold, bacteria, virii. Of every illness that humanity had ever fallen ill too, of every plague that had plagued humanity, of every ailment that had ailed humanity.

That, was the plague being.

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