kulupu wi wawa unu

The sea was wide and blue. The sky above was blue as well, but a different blue. Whereas the blue below was dark and stirring, agitated by waves and wind, the blue above was calm, unchanging. It felt as if even if the sea dried out and disappeared, the blue of the sky would still be here, shielding the earth.

The few days before, they had stayed in the village of Alakala, at the north east of Majala. There, they had built their own boat, with the help of the villagers. Currently, they were travelling to the east with that boat, toward the western most island of the archipelago, Kamute. The island had a small mountain, and housed a village of the same name as well as an orchard held by fallens.

As they progressed eastward under the blissful sky, emerging from the sea mist, a dark cone came in view. This was their destination. They reoriented the small motorboat toward the island and sped up. they wanted to arrive before the sun fell.

Just as stars began to appear, they brought the boat onto the shore. They pulled it up on the beach and secured it next to the few other boats, then entered the village proper. They quickly found the inn and took a seat at one of the big tables. As they ate, they asked at the table about rumors for a sword. However, even if they found out quickly that the sword was on a short stretch of land at the north west of the archipelago, they also learned that the sword was locked away, and got no clear answer as to the whereabouts of that key.

A traveller from the south told them that the key was probably on a volcano at the east of the archipelago called Maseli, although it could also be in an old stone quarry at the south east. Meanwhile an old man who was eating with his grand-daughter insisted that it was in an old coal mine toward the middle of the archipelago. The man's grand-daughter said it was in the north, on an island called Majakike.

As she said this name, the faces of the traveller and of the old man went grim. As the old man lightly scolded the young child, the traveller explained. "A century ago or so... a terrible ideal ruled on Majakike. It was the Ideal of plagues, also known as the plague being. Thankfully, warriors from the archipelago fought together and sealed it away. Even to this day, Majakike is a lifeless desert, and there is a rumor that the seal might be wearing off. Whatever you do, don't go on Majakike."

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