kulupu wi wawa unu

In the red sky, the long clouds were a blue so dark it almost seemed like black. They were approaching the fallen farm where they would meet R25's partner. All around the farm, tidy crops of a low height plant with red stalks and green leaves were blanketing the ground. This farm specialised in beetroots, and a few other root vegetables. The wooden building of the farm was sitting in the middle, a dark house in the dusk-time, with bright yellow windows, and smoke from the chimney. On the porch, in a rocking chair, an old fallen angel was resting. They asked if a human had come recently.

"Oh, I'm right here." Behind them, a tall person with long blond hair and sleepy eyes was waving. "I'm R25's partner, Lape." Sensing that Jhin was about to ask something, they invited the two inside, where the meal was about to start. Lape helped the old fallen up, and they went to the dining room. Long wooden tables were set up, but after everyone was seated, only two out of the four in the room were used.

The soup was served. The white cream was melding with the deep red beet broth and turning into a cutesy pink. Dark pieces of beets floated among lighter bits of carrot and white onions. slices of beef were like dark shadows. Everyone started eating after a short prayer to the land who had given them the meal. The soup was delicious. The slightly vinegary taste of the broth was broken up by the soft cream, all of it crowned by the earthy taste of the beets and the savory depth of the beef.

"So, what's your deal ?" asked Lape. Melissa swallowed her soup. "We're the heroes of the mall. From two hundred years ago.
-Oh, yeah, R25 told me about the mall. It was a terrible situation. What you did no doubt saved hundreds, but... yeah.
-Let's not talk about it. What about you ? R25 was very vague when it came to you.
-Ah, yeah. I'd imagine they be. I am, or rather I was, Enner's partner. Just before event zero, I rushed to Enner and to dissuade them, but it was too late.
-Do you know why Enner... did this ?" chimed in Jhin.
-Yeah. They wanted peace. But... you know how it went. Ubu, the Sun, et al.
-How did they managed this level of destruction ?
-Using X, of course. I think it had something to do with bringing the fear out of everyone's heart ?
-Where do you think Enner is ?" rerailed Melissa ?

Lape took some time to think. "I have... two or three hypotheses.

"1, Enner decided that fighting would get them nowhere, and is living a life far away from everything. In this case, they would just focus on living, and appreciating life, just like the fallens.

"2, Enner hasn't given up, and will instill peace at all costs. This is the least likely hypothesis, but it's still possible. Though the fact you found their phone is a pretty good argument against that.

"And finally, the most likely hypothesis. Enner is dead. Just before event zero, as in seconds before, They were shot to death. A swarm of roaches took the body away, which is why I think it's likely that they still live in some way, but... They did collapse before my eyes. I don't want to believe it though. Neither does R25."

The three finished to eat in silence. Lape spoke. "And you ?" What did they mean by that ? "As in, what are you going to do ?
-Right now, we're trying to gather the three swords. There is only one left, the one on Masimute." answered Jhin.
-And then ?
-And then...
-We're going to destroy Ubu and the Sun." Melissa had spoken coldly. "It's what's best for everyone.
-The Sun ?
-Well, in any case, be sure of your path. Don't falter, don't let the doubt cling to you."

They parted on these words. Lape travelled by night, since they would go through the desert, so they left the farm. Meanwhile, Melissa and Jhin went to the room prepared for them. Melissa quickly went to sleep, but Jhin couldn't. He thought a bit about what Lape had said. Enner had wanted peace, and brought great destruction. And then, Enner didn't continue to fight but had most likely settled down ? How did that make sense ?

If he, Jhin thought, had been in Enner's situation, they would have continued to fight, until they achieved their goal. Of course, their goal would have been different. Jhin didn't believe in something like peace. He would have fought for a more materialistic goal, like riches or even world domination. Jhin cringed a bit in his bed. World domination ? How old were they, 10 ? They eventually fell asleep.

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