kulupu wi wawa unu

After a few days of travel, they reached another building. It was easy to guess which buildings were homes to a Gut and which were just old buildings. Guts made the building more resistant to time. Like the one they stood before, buildings that housed a Gut looked new, as if the world around them hadn't ended. Perhaps this was because for Ideals, the world hadn't really ended. Perhaps it was because Ideals were the first ones to try and let the world exist again.

The building in front of them was white. It was a circular building, and at the top, its domed roof was broken only to let a large telescope out. Melissa, before the mall, had dreamed of visiting this place. She had dreamt of stars and of space, and the famous Majala observatory was where she had wanted to work. She convinced Jhin to go inside.

There was no floor, nor a ceiling. They were standing on an invisible plane, cutting a great hollow sphere in half. The inside of the sphere was a gradiented purple and blue, dotted with stars, constellation lines, and the such. Black walls, that seemed without texture, and looked more like holes in reality, created a circular maze around the center. The first few intersections were clear, but quickly they reached a hallway that seemed to run all around the center. They decided to split up, each with a sword. Melissa went left, and Jhin went right.

The corridor curved, and eventually Melissa reached another split. She heard something come. Something that sounded like... a train ? No, not really... Not a car either... Well, it was coming fast. She jumped into the split going toward the center. Just as she did, a great beast of light ran past the corridor she was just in, and went through the wall. She continued toward the center, when suddenly the sword she had taken, Justice, raised all at once and went back the way they had gone. She followed.

After a bit of travel, they reached the split they had taken and went on Jhin's side. Quickly, she found Jhin laying on the ground next to Equality. She didn't have to wonder what happened. Jhin had heard the Ideal coming, and had decided to take it on. Which, was not a good idea. She took Jhin on her back and dragged them outside.

She set up the camp and waited for him to wake up. They would try again to go in the Gut when he was feeling better. As the night set, Melissa understood why the observatory was placed here. Due to the meteorological conditions, the sky was especially clear, revealing thousands of stars, big and small. She tried to recognize some of the constellations, but couldn't. Even when she recognized one of the shapes, she couldn't place a name on it. It had been too long since she had had the time to stargaze, and recognize stars. She thought of how her life had been before the mall. She thought about how her family, her friends, were all dead, and had been for at least a century. Taken by a strange feeling of homesickness, she went to sleep.

The next morning, they went back into the maze. This time, they knew what to expect. A few times, the light being tried to hurt them, but they managed to foresee and dodge it. They reached the middle of the sphere. The walls sank into nothingness, and in front of them the Ideal stood. It had a humanoid form, with long, blonde, curly hair, a face like a gem, an old fashioned cravat and suit. It stood with elegance in its red, gold, and indigo clothes, and around its head, multiple rings of light rotated slowly, some bearing a small sphere. The Ideal did not speak. Nor did it take a battle stance. The Ideal was that of cosmic order. It stood, silently, and nodded.

Without noticing it, they were outside. In Melissa's hand, an old flip phone was buzzing. She opened it. The screen of an old chat client, with a few messages.

>>R25: hii ?
>>R25: is [any_one] there
>>ENR: no, no one
>>R25: ...
>>R25: enner is that u
>>ENR: yes
>>R25: finally ??
>>R25: weve been searching for [so_long]
>>R25: like [200_years] long
>>ENR: that was a joke
>>R25: :(
>>R25: so who is it
>>ENR: we're survivors
>>R25: [sur_vivors] of what ??
>>ENR: the mall's explosion
>>R25: hold on
>>R25: are you the heroes of the [mall] ???
>>R25: not a [joke] this time ?????
>>ENR: not a joke
>>R25: not what im looking for but still good
>>R25: im just going to


>>R25: there
>>MAL: so who's this enner
>>R25: the guy who has, among others, [destroyed] all of [humanity] ://
>>R25: they had their [reasons]
>>MAL: how did they do it
>>MAL: destroying all of humanity i mean
>>R25: using [fear]
>>R25: it seems [ab_stract] because it is, even when they [ex_plained] it i didnt get it :')
>>MAL: then they're a bad guy ?
>>R25: hard to say :/
>>R25: they had their [reasons]
>>MAL: why search for them then
>>R25: despite every thing theyre a [friend]
>>R25: hasnt been seen in [200_years], were all searching
>>MAL: how many are you
>>R25: [different] beings, only two
>>R25: with [copies], about a few [hundreds]
>>MAL: what copies ?
>>R25: too long to explain ':[
>>MAL: the copies are there to help during the search
>>R25: yes and no
>>R25: enough about [that]
>>R25: btw how did you get that [phone] and where
>>MAL: an ideal gave it to us in a observatory
>>R25: ah hold on
>>R25: got you !! ;D (on camera)
>>MAL: what do you know about it
>>R25: about what ??
>>MAL: about the ideal
>>R25: its name is [cosmic_order] >>R25: its the ideal that represents [cosmic_order]
>>R25: its an [ideal] its not that [complicated] XD
>>R25: the real question is [how] it got that [phone]
>>R25: oh hold on
>>R25: isn't that [ideal] one that [enner] recruited ??
>>R25: so maybe it was just [waiting] to give the phone back..
>>R25: though [why] did it give it to [you] huh
>>MAL: recruited ? to do what, destroy humanity ?
>>R25: no, enner did that with [a_nother_ideal], [x]
>>MAL: and what did x represent ?
>>R25: [fear] and the [unknown]
>>MAL: is it still around ?
>>R25: idk :/
>>R25: maybe its with enner
>>MAL: where did you search for enner ?
>>R25: every where DX
>>R25: i searched using the [remains_of_internet] and [cameras] and such
>>R25: my [team_mate] searched [physically] on every continent
>>MAL: who's the teammate ?
>>R25: enners old [partner]
>>R25: who was more or less [abandoned]
>>MAL: then why is it still searching ?
>>R25: bc theyre [worried] for enner
>>R25: and i don't think we could forget
>>R25: the [full_story] is too long to tell in [full], especially since you have other things you should do
>>R25: which i want to help you with
>>R25: whats your [goal] again ?
>>MAL: kill the sun.
>>MAL: and ubu.
>>R25: 0.0
>>R25: ok well ill help i think
>>R25: i can [gather] info pretty well
>>R25: and thats about it, not much else a [digital_being] can do
>>MAL: digital being ?
>>MAL: have you always been like that ?
>>R25: im a [renegade]
>>MAL: this explains that.
>>MAL: is this also the case for enner and their teammate ?
>>R25: no theyre both [humans]
>>R25: althoug im not [sure] for enner
>>MAL: they lost their humanity ?
>>R25: its a [possibility]
>>R25: only my [partner] truly knows what happened on the [31st_of_december_5447]
>>R25: though thats a [traumatic_memory], so they refuse to expend on it
>>MAL: understandable
>>MAL: do you know where that teammate of yours is ?
>>R25: i told them to [wait] for you at the [beet_root] farm to the northeast
>>R25: ill let them introduce [them_selves] :))
>>MAL: ok we'll met them there
>>MAL: also, you said enner recruited cosmic order for unknown reasons. if we find other ideals that helped enner maybe well have info on them
>>MAL: or maybe other objects that belonged to them
>>R25: i doubt it
>>R25: [cosmic_order] was the first ideal enner {recruited]
>>R25: even if you find [others] i doubt theyll help you since cosmic order was the [closest] to enner
>>MAL: how many were recruited ?
>>R25: many
>>R25: but most were [released]
>>R25: i dont think they kept [any]
>>R25: especially since [event_zero]
>>MAL: why ? especially in the events following event zero, they shouldve kept them
>>R25: one of enners biggest [motivation] was to create a [peace]
>>R25: we had a big chat with them about it just before the [event]
>>MAL: enner thought that by destroying humanity then by freeing their ideals they'd bring peace ?
>>MAL: if they thoughtt this then seeing what the [sun] and [ubu] are doing should make them react in some way
>>R25: honestly
>>R25: i don't know
>>MAL: otherwise it would be self-contradictory
>>R25: well ask [them] when we find them
>>MAL: can't we just ask your teammate ?
>>R25: i doubt theyll have an [answer] to this [question]
>>MAL: well then, we'll get going. wouldn't wanna miss talking to the teammate.
>>R25: bye o/

>GOLDEN_ICOSAHEDRON_13 : Beetroots in Red and Pink