kulupu wi wawa unu

Since Lape joined up, we've been going almost only to the sewers. This time I'm not alone, so I'm less afraid. I let my mind wander more and can even sleep comfortably with Lape.

When going to the sewers, we take a bunch of containers and capture some of the creatures. To make things easier for us we called them ideals.

What we've found is that ideals are indeed influenced by what people think of a certain thing. But more precisely, we found that it's more accurate to say that ideals are the physical representation of a concept or of how something is viewed by people.

Our strategy of capturing every ideal we find is effective, but impractical. My house is now filled with ideals. Tomorrow we're going outside and releasing a bunch of them.

>DARK_UNKNOWN_8 : 05/12/5447 - Parasite