kulupu wi wawa unu

So I was curious about lil guy, and started to research him. Mainly I got curious bc last night he turned pink for a moment, which is weird.

I think its because of that movie. I think it was Romantic Moonlight 3 : Kiss of a Starry Emptiness or something ? Lape likes those. Anyway that movie was on TV last night, and the moon is pink in it. Thats enough for me.

In other words, I think Lil guy is influenced by how people see the moon. It's possible the other creature I saw in the sewers is also something like that, but I guess with danger or sirens instead of the moon.

Honestly this is getting a bit too much for me. I'll have to message Lape to get them to come here.

>>ENR: Hi Lape, I hope it's not too late for you.
>>ENR: I'd like to ask you something.
>>LAP: zzz
>>ENR: I know you're awake. Otherwise how would you type those 'z's.
>>LAP: ok what do you want
>>ENR: Well first of all, I'm still struggling with the nightmares, and I'd like to not roam the sewers at night.
>>LAP: right yeah
>>ENR: And secondly I have discovered some... creatures.
>>LAP: oh
>>ENR: I caught one, and it reminds me of the moon. Yesterday after Romantic Moonlight 3: Kiss of a Starry Emptiness was on TV, it turned pink.
>>LAP: you mean romantic starlight 3.7 embrace in a loveless void
>>ENR: Whatever.
>>ENR: So I'd like you to come, to help me study these.
>>LAP: yeah sure i mean
>>LAP: got no thing to do and its been a while since we saw each other
>>ENR: Alright. I'll wait for you then.

>DARK_UNKNOWN_7 : 04/12/5447 - research team