kulupu wi wawa unu

Right so after I saw the little guy yesterday I stuffed him in a bag and took it home and wrote my diary, then put him in a container and left back to the sewers for a bit.

As I thought, I didn't meet the moonlight again. I met the ominous red light and I was curious. So I followed it. Which in retrospect, was really a bad fucking idea.

This light is basically like uh, an emergency light ? It's an ominous, dim, red light. Makes you feel in danger, strong enough to create shadow everywhere around you but weak enough to make them indistinct shapes.

So I follow it, and after a bit I find the source. It's this metallic creature, it was four-legged and its head was like an alarm light, and all over its body it had large speakers. It was in that attack position, the one that dogs take when they're about to strike a prey, and I'm seriously spooked.

I turn around and start to sneak away, and suddenly the machine starts to blare and activate so I run to the exit and barely make it out with that creature following behind.

In the end I made it out but guh. I won't check out the UV light.

>DARK_UNKNOWN_6 : 02/12/5447 - guy research