kulupu wi wawa unu

So you know how I walk a lot at night right ? Well over the days I've gotten pretty familiar with the sewers. Like I know how to go to various places and how to navigate them well.

But sometimes it just feels... off. Like I'll be walking in a place I know, and suddenly it's all wrong. I'm still in the same place, but like everything is wrong ? Like the tunnels turn where they shouldn't and don't branch off when they should.

And sometimes I go long enough in a direction and I know I shouldn't be in the place I was, but when I look around it still is. It's like that place I was at turned infinite. Like suddenly it was as big as the universe but was still cut into corridors.

Sometimes the light can get weird. There are a few different lights, like sometimes there'll be moonlight despite being in the sewers, and sometimes theres an ominous red light, and sometimes it's a UV light...

The moonlight one is my favourite. In this big city you can rarely see the sky, and when you can there is too much smog or too much light pollution and you can't see the stars and sometimes even the moon.

So sometimes I seek out this light. Usually when I find it theres a faint blue mist. Today was a bit different though. I was seeking that light, and when I found it I followed it and tried to find its source. And eventually I found it.

It was a small round creature, its body is a faint blue, very pale, and has a few pockmarks. And of course, it emits a pale light like moonlight. And of course I took it home.

>DARK_UNKNOWN_5 : 01/12/5447 - OTHER GUYS ???