kulupu wi wawa unu

I can't really sleep well, as I've told before. So, instead of sleeping, a lot of the time i just go in the sewers.

I don't really do anything there, I just walk around, explore a bit, try to get lost. Sometimes I meet people, and we chat a bit, but most of the time I'm alone.

I've started to do that since like, a week.

Sometimes I just let myself wander. I just focus on the walk, on taking in my surroundings, and stop caring about where I go. Then, a few hours later I'll be curled up in a small space and I just kinda wake up ? I think thats called dissociation. I'll have to check.

So I'm in closed spaces a lot, and mostly in the sewers. My back is kinda starting to hurt ngl. I should stop to just wander. I have to talk to more people.

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