kulupu wi wawa unu

>>LAP: enner !
>>LAP: stop that !
>>LAP: i know what youre going to do.
>>LAP: r25 told me all about it !
>>ENR: its too late.
>>ENR: even if i wanted to, X will destroy everything.
>>LAP: when is it going to happen at least
>>LAP: i don't want to be alone when it does
>>ENR: it will happen on the 31st.
>>LAP: the new year, you would do that
>>LAP: you havent changed
>>ENR: stop hurting me so. ive tried to separate myself from the past for so long.
>>ENR: so please, dont attach it to me again.
>>LAP: i will come
>>LAP: youre doing it in the city hall tower, right ?
>>ENR: yes.
>>LAP: i will come.
>>LAP: wait for me there, ok ?
>>ENR: ill try not to.

this will be my final entry. to all those who are reading this, wether renegades, angels, or anything from after the curtain falls : fuck you.

there is nothing in this world i hate more than life.

wether mine or the one of everything else, life is the root of all evil.

so i will end it.

but to be sure, i have one last thing prepared. of course, i havent made any mention of it, nor will i. youll have to see it for yourself, in the final moments.

well and with that... bye ! hope you enjoyed the performance.

DARK_UNKNOWN_19 : 31/12/5447 - Curtain Fall