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kulupu wi wawa unu

>>R25: helloooo.. ?
>>ENR: took you lot long enough.
>>ENR: consider investing in more ram.
>>R25: harr harr harr ver y [funnie]
>>ENR: you are significantly less formal than... r17.
>>R25: be as formal as r17 [challne_ge]... FAIL ED !!
>>R25: but any way, whats your [paln]
>>ENR: oh did you really think it would be so easy ? lets do a short game.
>>R25: gam e ?
>>ENR: you lot are good at gathering info. so lets do it like this : you answer one of my questions and i answer one of yours.
>>R25: yeah fair
>>ENR: ill start. how do you know all that you do ?
>>R25: well fir st as you know were [dig_ital_be_ings] mean ing were every where on line
>>R25: we have a nearly un restrict ed access to all of [internet]
>>R25: and second ly, we have [info_rmers], which have by the way already enter ed in contact with you !!
>>ENR: the angels ?
>>R25: that would count as an an swer, but its [my_turn] !!!!!!
>>R25: so
>>R25: what is your [goal]
>>ENR: alright.
>>ENR: shouldnt you know it ?
>>ENR: after all, youre the ones who flaunted it in my face and made me do unthinkable things
>>R25: ok so
>>R25: you are NOT going to get a way with that !!
>>R25: so an swer the quest ion
>>ENR: fair. my goal...
>>ENR: is to remove humanity as a whole.
>>R25: waaait wait wait thats your an swer ?
>>R25: to the 12/12/5447
>>ENR: my turn. what are renegades ?
>>R25: ok uh
>>R25: long story !!!!!!!
>>R25: but basic ally long time a go we were indeed [phys_ical_be_ings]
>>R25: but the [an_gels] were threaten ing us to extinc tion.
>>R25: so our [info_rmers] told us how to build a server.
>>R25: and then we were digit alized
>>ENR: when was that ?
>>R25: 107
>>ENR: 107
>>ENR: the year ?
>>R25: yeah
>>ENR: five thousand fucking years ago.
>>R25: yeah
>>ENR: whatever.
>>R25: so how do you want to acc omplish that [cra_zy_goal]
>>ENR: i dont know if this is the case for you fucked up transistors, but every human has, at their core, something they fear most.
>>ENR: like a phobia, or something like that.
>>ENR: from my research, i found that X is the ideal of the fear of the unknown.
>>ENR: which is crucial, as by accentuating that fear, you can easily make a soul uhh.. pop.
>>ENR: make it stop existing.
>>ENR: which would without a doubt kill anyone.
>>ENR: so i plan to transmit X's fearful form to every soul, and make them all pop.
>>ENR: i know how to do it, and when i will do it. but its too soon for you to know that. however i still need some time to make X stronger.
>>R25: whichs why youre log ged in to 52 forums right now
>>ENR: yes. im using these forums to spread rumors about X, to make it stronger.
>>ENR: its easy to manipulate the thoughts of people, and even easier to make people afraid.
>>R25: if this client all owed longer names you should re name to xX3NN3RXx
>>ENR: where can i find the angels.
>>R25: ok uh
>>R25: What
>>ENR: where can i find the angels.
>>R25: you cant just
>>R25: you dont real ize
>>R25: ok what
>>ENR: this is my question : where can i find the angels.
>>R25: im not sure i should tell you
>>R17: [tell] them.
>>R25: well its a bad idea
>>ENR: dont need you to tell me that.
>>R25: the an gels control the city
>>R25: they dont have a [di_rect_in_fluence], but they control the head
>>ENR: so ceos and leaders.
>>R25: exact ly
>>R25: whichs why its a bad idea !
>>ENR: but you know...
>>ENR: they are already after me.
>>ENR: im already in hiding.
>>R25: ah
>>R25: well my turn
>>R25: why do you want to dest roy human ity
>>ENR: it was a bad move from you.
>>R25: ?
>>ENR: to let me start.
>>ENR: because now i can just leave.

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