kulupu wi wawa unu

i wanted to see lape again. i missed them of course, but i wanted them to see X.

X is the ideal i found in the sewers, the one that was following me. i don't know what idea or concept it represents. but were trying to find out together.

X scares me. but X scares everything. when i saw it i was fascinated. a few days ago it approached me and didnt run away. it was the first good look i had at it.

and what i saw scared me. it wasn't really much of anything, and thats why it scared me. X looks like a spot of darkness, ever shifting. ever unkwnown.

while i try to find what X is, im also figuring out how i can use it for my goal.

and renegades ? you don't know anything about my goal. but feel free to message me for more information.

but anyway, yesterday i met up with lape. understand that i wont tell you were. we met up, and then i showed them X.

they were frightened, terribly more than me. at first they tried to tolerate X, but after a bit they excused themselves and left. nothing i wasn't expecting, honestly. X really is frightening. maybe they could be the ideal representing fear of the unknown ?

its form is ever shifting, ever undefined. its a beautiful shape, the one that fears takes in our hearts. and its a beautiful shape, the one that loneliness takes in its heart. but its also a foul shape, hurtful to all.

i will love X. i love X. i want to ease that loneliness away. i want to know X. and i want X to know me.

isnt it a desire of all thing to want to know each other ?

to connect ?

>DARK_UNKNOWN_15 : 20/12/5447 - The Transistors Type, Too