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kulupu wi wawa unu

>>LAP: answer
>>LAP: day 6 of messaging you
>>LAP: day 6 of you not answering
>>ENR: what do you want.
>>LAP: so you CAN message me when you want to huh
>>ENR: i was busy.
>>LAP: anyway where are you ? its been days
>>ENR: hidden.
>>LAP: well can you stop hiding ? at least tell me where
>>LAP: i wont tell the police
>>ENR: this chat isn't secure.
>>ENR: they will know.
>>LAP: who, the angels ?
>>ENR: renegades.
>>ENR: or [digital_beings] as they say.
>>LAP: oh you mean r25 ?
>>ENR: we will meet up.
>>ENR: but do not tell them what we do. do not write what we do. not online, not on a paper.
>>LAP: ok thats fine, im glad to see you again
>>LAP: so where can we meet
>>ENR: do you remember where we saw each other for the first time ever ? the way we where before was a sufficient camouflage, so they cant know by looking at archives. and there were no cameras.
>>LAP: yeah i do
>>ENR: we will meet there. do not tell or write the name of that place to anyone either. i don't want the transistors to know that.
>>LAP: ok. fine to me
>>LAP: see you soon then
>>ENR: ...
>>ENR: see you soon.

i want to show this to lape. they will like it.

>DARK_UNKNOWN_14 : 18/12/5447 - Waveless Reunion