kulupu wi wawa unu

I feel terrible about leaving Lape behind. I haven't had the courage to go check on them and see if they were still alive. they had their reason, but still. R17 is fucked up. and I'm not much better. I left an inconscious person behind when angels where coming.

R17's program does work, and I have been able to fight at least an amount, but I don't think I'll ever be able to face Lape. and the angels ? maybe later. but not now.

for now I'm gathering ideals. building a team. I still have the moon guy, and I also managed to capture the danger guy.

went to check the uv light in the sewers. at the end there was an ideal that was raving. it made too much noise so we just beat it up. it does feel great, to grow stronger.

the other day tho I saw something I hadn't seen before. it was an ideal, at least I think so, but I it fled as soon as I saw it. oh well.

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