kulupu wi wawa unu

I got another dream. I didn't sleep much these last few days, but I couldn't stop myself from drifting off last night. And at the start, the wheels were there, but then just after beings of light and arteries appeared, and they gave me an idea.

So i'm going to do it. I'm going to learn to fight. I already know how to use circles a bit, so I don't think this will be hard.

My plan, the one I saw in my dream, is to digitalize ideals. To digitalize them and bring them out to fight.

And also, Lape is still sleeping.

>>R17: Hello.
>>ENR: ?
>>R17: We will [help] you.
>>ENR: what
>>ENR: what kind of bug is that.
>>R17: You are [mistaken]. I am not a program but a [digital_being].
>>ENR: wh
>>R17: Details don't [matter].
>>R17: But we too, wish for the [success] of your [ultimate_goal].
>>ENR: ultimate goal ?
>>R17: But for now you are in [danger]. We can only [guide] you however.
>>ENR: none of what you're saying makes sense.
>>ENR: but sure ill bite. whats your plan ?
>>R17: You will leave the [person_sleeping_on_your_bed].
>>ENR: okay 1st how do you know that 2nd why would i.
>>R17: [private_blogs] have a shallow protection. It's easy for a [digital_being] to access such [places].
>>R17: And secondly, they will be fine. [lape] will wake up in a few hours. But you have to flee, for the [angels] are coming.
>>ENR: angels ?
>>R17: A [long_story]. But they are after you, and you only. Their plan starts with your [death].
>>ENR: so im just supposed to go ?
>>R17: First, I will help you finish your [program].
>>ENR: program ?
>>R17: To digitalize ideals.
>>ENR: ok and then ?
>>R17: Then you will leave. [lape] will stay here.
>>ENR: no way, no way i can just do that.
>>ENR: i told you i cant leave lape behind.
>>R17: If you stay, both of you will [die].
>>R17: The [angels] are only after you. They will not attack lape. If you stay [here] they will, however, attack the both of you, or at least use Lape as an [hostage]. So you must leave.
>>ENR: i
>>ENR: sigh

>DARK_UNKNOWN_11 : 11/12/5447 - Getting Stronger