kulupu wi wawa unu

None of this dear diary stuff. It's dumb and stupid. I will still keep updating this site for a bit when i feel like it though. The doctors told me it would be a good idea, as i could have some residual trauma.

A few days ago, I was walking in the forest, as usual. I mean, I don't usually walk in the mountains, but it's not that weird for me to. So I was walking in the forest. And suddenly, I feel a very cold wind.

I checked the weather yesterday, and they said it would be a sunny day, which it was, and it was warm, but suddenly there was the chillest fucking breeze. I walk a bit more, and then I see some snowflakes.

I was not at ground level, true, I was on a mountain, but I wasn't high enough that there would be snow. So what the hell, I decide to go check it out.

I go off the path in the direction of the breeze and search for a bit. At this point, I'm quite far away in the woods. And somehow I didn't realize it, but there are like, icicles on the trees and a thick layer of snow. I'm not really prepared for cold weather so I decide to go back.

And through the trees I see a big creature. Like I see its shape. It was big and bulky, but it still very thin. And then a stench hit me, and i fell to the ground. I just saw a tall grey man come to me as I lost consciousness.

Apparently, a hiker found me not too long after I had passed out. They said there wasn't any ice or snow though, and that they didn't smell any stench.

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