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kulupu wi wawa unu

Tall metallic scaffolding-like shelves that reached up to the high ceiling. The smell of fresh paint floats in the air. Harsh neon lights suspended by bare wires. Smooth concrete floor, adorned with yellow and white markings. Countless cardboard boxes.

A far away clanking noise.

Jhin was advancing, Melissa covering his back. On the 5th floor, the apothecary, he had left the folding chair in favour of a defibrillator. In front of them, an amalgalm of floor tiles and eyes in various angles. Jhin struck it twice with the metallic plates and turned the current up, sending the amalgalm flying through the air.

Melissa immediatly followed it up with a construct. It was not the informatic construct she had used befor, this one was thick and compact, grey and brown, and as it traveled and hit the enemy it degraded more and more, turning into a reddish orange, until finally the construct disappeared completely along with the enemy.

This was the rust element. It represented death and the decay of death, but also how this decay would give birth to new life, in an endless cycle. Melissa had learned it on the 4th floor, the electronics floor.

The last two floors had been strange, but they were starting to adapt. After all, despite how different some of them were, in the end they were all the same.

Every floor was simply a maze. Yes, there were sometimes more of the strange beings they encountered, but these weren't trouble. They could try to talk to them, and if there was no answer or if they were still hostile, they would simply attack it and easily dispatch it.

Melissa was starting to get bored. So far the floors had been normal, the weirdest having been the dusty library and the neon retro futuristic electronics floor, but every other had been normal. They had come here to get something new, after all. Jhin though ?

Jhin was enjoying this. He had always liked making others suffer, and this was their heaven. Nearly everything here could either be hurt or be used to hurt others, and he wouldn't have it any other way. He hadn't wanted to come here but now he didn't want to leave.

They quickly found the elevator and moved on.

>LAVENDER_TOWER_9 : B7F Verdoyant Greenhouse